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Insurance Inspections

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Insurance companies are experiencing denying coverage and canceling policies at an alarming rate, due to growing concerns with moisture related claims, mold and insurance policies being canceled. Building Specs is offering a way to help reduce or prevent claims due to neglect.

What Building Specs will do for you!

  • Reduce your liability.
  • Help your client protect their investment.
  • Identify minor issues before they become costly repairs.
  • Reduce or prevent insurance claims.
  • Help reduce moisture claims by identifying high risk areas.
  • Present a computer generated report and photos of recommended repairs.
  • Create a history of conditions prior to a claim.

Building Specs will identify:

  • Visible moisture.
  • Possible mold.
  • Safety concerns.

We offer various inspections and services:

  • Insurance renewal inspection.
  • Annual reinspection.
  • Risk reduction inspection.
  • Complete building inspection.
  • Damage related inspection.
  • Mold and environmental inspections.