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Do You Know What Signs To Look For?

"Educating You About Your Home"

At Building Specs Home Inspection is all about " Educating You About Your Home". Building Specs is proud to offer comprehensive, state-of the art quality residential and commercial property inspections. Our inspectors have received extensive training and are available seven days a week. Learn About Building Specs and the advantages of doing business with us, including our philosophy, difference and competitive prices. We have been serving the United States and parts of Canada for 20 years and are a leading home inspection training company on the East Coast. Our website has a large library of free articles to help you understand what signs to look in your own home and what actions that you should take to repair damage as well as preventative maintenance tips that will keep your house in prime condition.

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Below are articles that our home inspectors and affiliates have written to help you better understand what dangers you should look for in your home.

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